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Unleash your creativity with our Recycling and DIY workshops

Unleash your creativity with our Recycling and DIY workshops.

 Discover the art of repurposing and reimagining everyday items into something extraordinary. From upcycled home decor to eco-friendly fashion, these hands-on courses empower you to craft sustainable solutions and reduce waste while expressing your unique style.

Upcoming workshops

Stay tuned for upcoming eco-friendly DIY courses and discover the magic of recycling with us.

Upcycled Home Decor

Participants can transform everyday items like old wooden pallets, glass bottles, or discarded furniture into stylish home decor.
Materials: Upcycled items, paint, brushes.
Skills: Creative problem-solving, crafting, upcycling.


Repurposed Jewelry

Create unique jewelry pieces from discarded materials like buttons, bottle caps, PET ,wood  and fabric scraps.
Materials: used materials, jewelry findings, glue.
Skills: Jewelry making, creativity, fine motor skills.


Paper Mache Sculptures

Learn the art of paper mache to create sculptures and beautiful decorative objects. like masks and Alebrijes.
Materials: Newspaper, flour, water, paints.
Skills: Sculpture, patience, creative expression.


Recycled Fashion

Participants can design and create fashionable accessories or clothing items using old fabric, clothing, and accessories.
Materials: Recycled textiles, sewing kits, embellishments.
Skills: Sewing, fashion design, creativity.


Repurposed Garden Art

Craft unique garden decorations from salvaged materials like broken ceramics, old tools, and reclaimed wood.
Materials: Salvaged items, paint, outdoor sealant.
Skills: Gardening, creativity, outdoor decor.


Recycled Musical Instruments

Explore the world of music by creating simple musical instruments from recycled materials.

Materials: Recycled items (e.g., cardboard, bottles), glue, paint.
Skills: Music exploration, rhythm, creativity.


Past Workshops

Explore our past events in Recycling and DIY to see the incredible transformations through creativity.

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