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Experience the tactile beauty of Pottery and Ceramics.

Discover the art of clay and let your creativity take form.

Get your hands in the clay and sculpt your own masterpieces.
Our workshops cover everything from hand-building techniques to mold techniques, allowing you to shape functional pottery and exquisite ceramic art.
Discover the art of clay and let your creativity take form.

Upcoming workshops

Get ready to shape your future with our upcoming Pottery and Ceramics workshops.

Hand-Built Clay Creations

articipants can learn hand-building techniques to craft clay creations like bowls, vases, and sculptures. Materials: Clay, sculpting tools, glaze. Skills: Hand-building, clay sculpting, pottery.


Tile Mosaic Art

Explore the art of mosaic by designing and creating colorful tile mosaics on various surfaces. Materials: Tiles, adhesive, grout. Skills: Mosaic art, pattern design, tile work.


Ceramic Painting

Delve into the world of ceramic painting by decorating pre-made ceramic items with unique designs. Materials: Ceramic pieces, ceramic paint, brushes. Skills: Ceramic painting, glazing, artistic expression.


Pottery Wheel Experience

Introduce beginners to the pottery wheel, allowing them to try their hand at creating basic wheel-thrown vessels like cups and bowls. Materials: Pottery wheel, clay, pottery tools. Skills: Pottery wheel techniques, centering, throwing.


Clay Sculpture for Beginners

Learn basic clay sculpture techniques to create figurines, animals, or abstract sculptures. Materials: Clay, sculpting tools, paint. Skills: Sculpture, clay modeling, creative expression.


Functional Pottery

Explore the world of functional pottery by creating everyday items like mugs, plates, and utensil holders. Materials: Clay, pottery wheel, glaze. Skills: Functional pottery, wheel throwing, glazing.


Past Workshops

Rewind and admire the exquisite pottery and ceramic creations from our past events.

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