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Yverdon-les-bains VD

  • + 41 78 6409156
  • Rue Chatelard 12,
    1400 VD, CH

Mauborget VD

  • +41 79 703 20 38
  • Ch de la Pidouse 11,
    1453 VD, CH

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Your Questions Answered

Explore Common Questions About PEP and Our Mission, We aim to provide you with clear and concise answers, helping you get to know us better and find the information you seek.

PEP is an artistic and cultural association based in the Nord Vaudoise region, particularly in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Our mission is to engage the local community through artistic and cultural activities to promote mental and emotional well-being.
Our organization is built on values of cooperation, commitment, and sharing. Since its inception, PEP has actively worked to bring together a diverse community with interests in arts, crafts, creativity, and health.
We offer a wide range of workshops, sessions, and activities with a dual focus on arts and therapeutic well-being.
Additionally, PEP serves as a hub for local artists, providing them with opportunities to showcase their work and talents within the community. 

Yes, PEP is a registered non-profit association in Switzerland dedicated to using art as a means of healing and community support.
Our team is composed of dedicated volunteers who are committed to organizing enriching sessions, events, and artistic activities.
PEP's efforts create a full circle of engagement, bringing business to other professionals who generously volunteer their time with us, enhancing the community's creative development, and promoting therapeutic well-being.

PEP welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and ages who share an interest in arts, creativity, and improving the emotional well-being of the local community.
PEP fosters an inclusive and discrimination-free environment. By joining, you're not only participating in our mission but also actively contributing to an organization that promotes values of cooperation, commitment, and sharing.
Our programs are designed to help you grow personally and artistically. Whether you're looking to explore new skills, enhance your well-being, or simply enjoy a creative outlet, PEP offers something for everyone.

To become a PEP volunteer, you can express your interest by reaching out through our contact page.
If you're an artist, therapist, or volunteer, PEP is an ideal place to showcase your work, gain experience, and collaborate with fellow professionals.
You can expand your network, improve your skills, and contribute to the local art scene.
We'll be thrilled to welcome you into our creative family.

As a member, you'll become part of a vibrant, diverse community of like-minded individuals. You'll have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and make lasting friendships with people who share your passion for art, creativity, and well-being.
By becoming a member, you support local businesses and professionals. PEP's collaborative approach benefits the community, bringing business to local artists, therapists, and volunteers who generously contribute their time and skills.
PEP members also enjoy exclusive access to free courses and workshops, community events, personal growth opportunities, and the satisfaction of contributing to a positive impact on our community.
PEP encourages eco-friendly practices and the reuse of materials, promoting sustainability in the creative process. By being a member, you contribute to these eco-conscious efforts.

Your generosity matters! You can make a donation here,
either through PayPal directly on our website or contribute directly to our association's bank account in Switzerland.
We also gladly accept donations of  crafting materials, tools and technology, all kinds of paint and art supplies.
 PEP is a registered non-profit organization based in Switzerland, and all your data is treated with care and confidentiality.
Your generosity fuels our mission. Rest assured, your donation is secure. 

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Partnering with PEP aligns your organization with a community-focused, therapeutic, and creative initiative that promotes inclusivity, sustainability, and social cohesion. It's an opportunity to support local art and creativity while expanding your organization's reach and influence within the region.

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