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Capture moments and craft visual stories with Photography and Digital Arts.

Dive into the world of pixels and lenses, mastering the art of composition, lighting, and digital manipulation. 

Whether you're passionate about photography or digital design, our courses provide the skills to turn your vision into stunning visuals.

Upcoming workshops

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Smartphone Photography

Discover the art of photography using just a smartphone. Learn composition, lighting, and editing to capture stunning images. Materials: Smartphone, photo editing app. Skills: Smartphone photography, editing, visual storytelling.


Digital Collage Creation

Dive into digital art by creating collages using free online tools. Participants can combine images, textures, and graphics to design unique digital artworks. Materials: Computer, image editing software. Skills: Digital collage art, composition, graphic design.


Nature Photography Walk

Take participants on a guided nature walk to capture the beauty of the outdoors through photography. Materials: Cameras or smartphones. Skills: Nature photography, observation, mindfulness.


Intro to Photo Editing

Learn the basics of photo editing using free software. Participants can enhance their photos and add creative effects. Materials: Computer, photo editing software. Skills: Photo editing, post-processing, creativity.


Digital Painting

Explore digital painting techniques using drawing tablets and digital brushes. Create digital artworks that mimic traditional painting styles. Materials: Drawing tablet, digital art software. Skills: Digital painting, artistic expression, digital art tools.


Photography Composition Workshop

Focus on the art of composition in photography. Participants can improve their skills in framing, rule of thirds, and storytelling through images. Materials: Cameras or smartphones. Skills: Photography composition, visual storytelling, artistic eye.


Past Workshops

Explore the digital canvas of our past events in Photography and Digital Arts.

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