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Step into the spotlight with Performing Arts.

From  dancing to acting, let your creativity shine on center stage.

Explore the realms of theater, dance, and music. Our workshops offer a stage for self-expression, helping you develop your talents, build confidence, and embrace the magic of live performance.

Upcoming workshops

Don't miss our upcoming Performing Arts workshops as we prepare for captivating performances.

Intro to Improv Comedy

Unleash your inner comedian with improv comedy workshops. Learn the basics of improvisation, quick thinking, and teamwork through fun exercises and games. Materials: None. Skills: Improvisational acting, creativity, teamwork.


Dance for Beginners

Discover the joy of dance with introductory dance workshops. Explore various dance styles like ballet, contemporary, or hip-hop. Participants can develop coordination, rhythm, and self-expression. Materials: Appropriate dance attire, music. Skills: Dance fundamentals, self-expression, body awareness.


Voice and Vocal Techniques

Develop your vocal talents through voice and singing workshops. Participants can learn vocal warm-up exercises, breath control, and basic singing techniques. Materials: None. Skills: Singing, vocal control, musicality.


Theatre Essentials

Dive into the world of theater with workshops covering acting, script reading, and stage presence. Participants can engage in scene work and monologues. Materials: Scripts, theater space. Skills: Acting, stage presence, dramatic expression.


Creative Movement

Explore the art of creative movement through exercises that emphasize body awareness and expression. Participants can discover new ways to express themselves through physical movement. Materials: Comfortable clothing, music. Skills: Creative movement, body awareness, self-expression.


Storytelling Through Performance

Learn the art of storytelling and performance. Participants can develop storytelling skills and bring narratives to life through acting and dramatic readings. Materials: Stories or scripts, stage space. Skills: Storytelling, dramatic interpretation, performance.


Past Workshops

Relive the magic of our past performances and dance to the rhythm of our artistic history. 

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